5lb Decaf Skookum® Blend Coffee

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Full City Roast
5lb Decaf Skookum® Blend Coffee
  • 5lb Decaf Skookum® Blend Coffee

Robust, balanced in its acidity with medium body, spicy notes and rich earthiness.


Central/South America

Halo Wau-wau, Muckamuck Kaupy
Shut Up and Drink the Coffee

A blend as big, bold and natural as the Great Northwest. This Decaf coffee is people-friendly and planet-friendly using a Water Process method that relies only on water and time (no solvent chemicals!), which results in a rich and delicious cup. You will be amazed that it’s Decaf!

The Story Behind Skookum® Blend

Whether it’s a war party or a barbecue, it calls for a fresh pot of Skookum® Blend, or why bother? This blend is as big, bold and natural as the Great Northwest. “Skookum,” from the Chinook trade jargon of the great first nations, means “Strong.” We named this unique blend in tribute to those great cultures and their heritage that has so enriched and instructed the lives of all of us.

Full City Roast

Perched just before a Dark Roast is the Full City Roast. The coffee appears dark, the oils are just starting to emerge from the beans, sugars are more developed, and the flavors from the roasting process are more fully present. These blends bring together the flavors of the bean and the browning tastes from roasting.