2024 Raven Calendar

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2024 12-Month Raven Calendar: cover pictured features two cawing ravens on a bring pink to yellow gradient background.
The Back cover of the 2024 Raven Calendar shows all 12 of the illustrations featured within the calendar. Each panel prominently features a playful scene of a raven.

Honor thy Raven with this year's Raven Calendar! Each month features raven inspired artwork by one of these wonderful artists: Sara McDaniel, Scott Clendaniel, Lisa Teas, John Svenson, Suzanne Fuqua, Cindi Lagoudakis, Sharon Svenson, Kelsey Erikson-Kizer, Alice Tersteeg, Dan Twitchell, Bruce Nelson, Karen Cornelius. A collection of corvid companions with whom to watch the days fly by. Saddle stitch style, 6.5" x 9.5".

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