12oz Bomba!™ Blend Coffee

Full City Roast

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12oz Bomba™ Blend Full City Roast Coffee. Buy Coffee, Improve Children's Lives!
12oz Bomba™ Blend Full City Roast Coffee
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A rich, nutty, fruity cup with an earthy aroma. Juicy and vibrant acidity with a lingering aftertaste. Velvety smooth mouthfeel.



Buy Coffee: Improve children's lives!

Bomba!™ Blend is comprised exclusively of beans sourced from Tanzania in partnership with Dragonfly Global Cooperative and Alex Kajumulo.

The Story Behind the Bomba!™ Blend

Alex Kajumulo grew up in Muleba, a remote village in Tanzania. He worked all day at his family’s small coffee farm spending his free time playing soccer and dreaming of seeing the world. His soccer skills took him there; playing professionally in many countries and eventually settling in Seattle, Washington. Today, Alex coaches soccer and records music to change our world for the better. Natureman Collection is Alex's newest release which celebrates coffee farmers and connoisseurs.

Alex is dedicated to improving the lives of the children of Tanzanian coffee farmers. Working together with Dragonfly Global Cooperative and Raven’s Brew Coffee, Inc.® he is raising money for several programs in Tanzania. Proceeds from the sale of the Natureman Collection song and Bomba!™ Blend will be used to increase a child’s ability to be confident and rise above poverty through education and sports. To learn more, visit Dragonfly Global Cooperative.

Coffees for a Caws Dragonfly Collective

Natureman Collection is a story from the coffee farmers' kids who grew up on their families' farms. These are the farmers who bring coffee to the world and celebrate it in a festival of dance. It doesn't matter where you are from or what religion you are, you've got to dance and celebrate!

Buy the song Natureman Collection on Bandcamp here!

Full City Roast

Perched just before a Dark Roast is the Full City Roast. The coffee appears dark, the oils are just starting to emerge from the beans, sugars are more developed, and the flavors from the roasting process are more fully present. These blends bring together the flavors of the bean and the browning tastes from roasting.

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