5lb Bruin Blend® Coffee

Full City Roast

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5lb Bruin Blend® Coffee

Syrupy body in a laid-back orchestra of pleasant earthy and herbal flavor notes.


Indonesia & Central/South America

Available in Organic Medium Bag

Grin and Bear It
The Coffee is a Bruin

Decadently luxurious. A pool of deep ponderance for your palate.

The Story Behind Bruin Blend® Coffee

At dawn the griz is riz, and she means biz. Ursus Arabica tromps out of the rain forest behind the Raven’s Brew Coffee® roastery at sunrise and knocks down the door for this coffee. Growls Ursus, in her husky, irresistible (do not attempt to resist) voice, “Bruin Blend®: It roars with flavor but it don’t bite.”

Full City Roast

Perched just before a Dark Roast is the Full City Roast. The coffee appears dark, the oils are just starting to emerge from the beans, sugars are more developed, and the flavors from the roasting process are more fully present. These blends bring together the flavors of the bean and the browning tastes from roasting.

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