10oz Limited Edition: Summer Solstice Coffee

Limited Release

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Limited Release Summer Solstice Coffee
Limited Release Summer Solstice Coffee Tasting Note Postcard
10oz Limited Release Summer Solstice Coffee

An intriguing combination of floral, fruit and chocolate aromas lead into intense, exotic flavors of spice, citrus fruit and chocolate. Tangy acidity combines with a smooth, rich mouthfeel. 



Don't wait until the sun goes down on this coffee, savor the solstice today! 

Grab a bag and receive a complimentary tasting notes card.

The Summer Solstice Coffee Story

The bright, exotic flavors of our Summer Solstice coffee emerge from the volcanic soil of West Welega, Ethiopia, grown by members of the Asikana Cooperative. The name "Birbir Sololiya" is given to the coffee after the Birbir river that irrigates the crops, and the local name for a beautiful blue bird. These naturally processed beans are shade-grown and patio-dried. The co-operative is new to exporting green coffee, previously selling their harvest within Ethiopia, and strives to support a fair price for farmers to create a sustainable, long-term relationship with importers and buyers. 

Next release: June, 2022!

Light Roast

We boldly admit that our Light Roast is on the darker-side of this description. Many coffees do not develop well at this stage, tending to be acidic or even astringent, and sometimes featuring strong grassy or vegetable tastes. However, a few coffees fare well with this roast level and have a bright, eye-opening sassiness to them with just a touch of sweet.

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