Resurrection Blend® Triplet of 3oz Bags

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Resurrection Blend® Triplet of 3oz Bags
Resurrection Blend® Triplet of 3oz Bags

In Constant Quest of the Supreme Bean™

The Story Behind Resurrection Blend® Coffee

From the Book of Joe we read, “In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was COFFEE, and in that elixir was INSPIRATION and RAPTURE, REVELATION, and TRANSCENDENCE. And yea, verily, that libation of transubstantiation was found to be Resurrection Blend® coffee and it was good, and there were many comings for more, and much was quaffed. And what word and what sacred host will be on the supplicant’s lips as they meet their coffee maker?”

The Resurrection Blend® Triplet comes with three Auto Drip Grind, 3oz bags of Resurrection Blend® coffee, packaged in a navy organza gift bag.

These 3oz taster bags give you just enough coffee to have a taste of pure bliss. Try out other taster bags here.

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