Alaskan Original Camp Mug

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Alaskan Original Camp Mug front view featuring Alaska State shape, Raven's Brew Coffee Logo, and the words Alaskan Original Since 1992.
Alaskan Original Camp Mug back view featuring a ravens head in a stylized northwest coastal art style with the words Real Alaskan Coffee and the Raven's Brew Coffee website URL.
Distressed Stoneware Camp Mug

Go rustic and make this your new favorite mug: 17 oz, cream-colored, distressed, stoneware camp mug with double-sided artwork in brown. You’ll swear it’s a classic, chipped enamel camp mug until you hold it. We're paying homage to our heritage as an Alaskan Original Since 1992! Featuring classic Ray Troll artwork of Raven carrying the coffee bean, our wink to the Raven Tales told by the indigenous peoples of our homes both in Alaska and on the Coast of the Salish Sea. Microwave safe; hand wash only.

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