Deadman's Reach® Coffee

Served in Bed Raises the dead™

Revitalize your lifestyle and resurrect your palate with this inimitable high-speed blend of eco-correcto coffees. Suitably brewed by any method: drip, French press, or espresso. Produces an outstanding crema and punches through a tall latte with dense coffee flavor. Also available in Certified Organic form.

Deadman Reach is a shoal along Baranof Island in Peril Strait in the Alexander Archipelago of Southeast Alaska. We thought Deadman’s Reach sounded like coffee and were inspired to design this special high-speed blend of very rare coffees for:

Jump-starting Your Mornings,
Long-haul Trucking,
Cramming For Exams,
Winning Races,
Inspiring Great Ideas and Noble Emotions,
Graveyard Shifts,
States of Pure Bliss,
and Intense Coffee Pleasure.



"My story started the same way as that of K. Johnson, Snowmass, Colorado. In 2002, after an extensive Alaskan cruise, we docked in Ketchikan. Leaving the ship to visit the area, there was an aroma of coffee of which I have never experienced. There it was, Raven's Brew…Dead Man’s Reach. Unfortunately the experience was short lived… after almost OD’ing on Raven's Brew, we had to leave. Fast forward some 11 years, while looking for ancestor cemeteries, we stopped in Winchester, TN. Needing directions, we stopped in the town square and found a coffee shop. WHAM…. The aroma of coffee brought back “Memories of Raven's Brew”!!! Lucky, lucky… this coffee shop served ONLY Raven's Brew. Better yet, it was Dead Man’s Reach! I sweet talked the owner out of a pound to take home. I have found the source of this fantastic coffee. Since then, I have kept myself and my Nephew supplied with Raven’s Brew… Of course being partial to Dead Man’s Reach! DON’T LOOSE THE RECIPE"

—H. House, Houston, Texas

"On the coffee shelf I saw Ravens Brew coffee… the designs literally spoke to me. I've never seen a coffee have this aesthetic before. It's not Dunkin Donuts or the Starbucks branding it's... anachronistic and cool. I bought the Deadman's Reach. Ever since that day coffee has been not only my favorite part of the day but also something I'm honestly really into. My hobbies tend to wax and wane a lot but coffee and everything around it has stayed thanks to Ravens Brew."

-Zach M.

“I was on summer vacation with my fiancé and my best girlfriend in Payson, a mountain town on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona. We stopped by a little coffee shop for a pick me up before more hiking and fishing adventures, and I saw all of the amazing artwork for the Raven's Brew Coffee. There was a map on the wall of where each coffee originated, and I of course was drawn to the red line that led to a picture of a skeleton. I immediately knew I had to try it (I have a penchant for the darker things in life.) The employees were kind enough to brew us up some single cups of a few coffees, and I tried the Resurrection Blend first. It was great, but then came the Deadman came walking. I have never in my life been able to stand straight black coffee, I have always found it way too bitter and unpleasant unless I put ridiculous amounts of half and half in. I drink a cup of Deadman's Reach black every morning now. It. Is. Wonderful!!! Thank you so much for making such a splendidly dark brew, with artwork to match! It makes my strange heart happy.”

—A. Collins, Canyon, Texas

A Ghost Near the Lighthouse

A short story by Maureen J. Andrade

deadman tell no tales

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The Ballad of Deadman's Reach

Did you know the Deadman has his own ballad? Listen to the tale yourself, composed and preformed by Pheobe Blume. (link to You Tube)

Damn Good COffee

A Poem by Christine M. Foster


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