10oz Limited Edition: Liberica Coffee

Limited Release

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Limited Release Liberica Coffee
10oz Limited Release Liberica Coffee
Limited Release Liberica Coffee with Raven's Brew® Coffee Mug

Fruity in the cup with an incredibly rich body. Try it iced!



Dark Roast, washed process, but looks and drinks like a natural.

You’ve had Arabica coffees and coffees blended with Robusta, but have you tasted Liberica? Liberica is an entirely different species of coffee and seldom found in the United States. Our offering is from the Sethuraman Estate in the Chikmagalur district near the town of Magundi on the Bhadra river and sits at an altitude of 2500 feet. Good Liberica is difficult to grow and harvest, making it extremely rare and very special. Live Libericously!

Last release: July, 2018

Dark Roast

Some might even term this an “espresso roast” and many of our favorite coffees for espresso are roasted to this level. These blends are the dark-brown color of chocolate and a shimmer of oil on their surface which can appear in the cup when brewed. The flavors from the beans begin to be eclipsed by those from the roast. However, the beauty of the origins still shine through the symphony of nutty, caramel, and chocolate notes commonly present in these blends.

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