Polaris Perk™ Triplet of 3oz Bags

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Polaris Perk™ Triplet of 3oz Bags
Polaris Perk™ Triplet of 3oz Bags

Finally, a brew as adventurous as you are.

We don't need roads where we're going.

Inspired by the ever-questing frontier spirit, this one’s for the folks who are guiding their treks by the stars to the last piece of untouched wilderness. Or maybe you’re just in need of a good cup of coffee. Whether you are navigating by the stars or serving it up for your closest confidants, Polaris Perk™ coffee is guaranteed to fuel you through any of life’s adventures. The Polaris Perk™ Triplet comes with three Auto Drip Grind 3oz bags of Polaris Perk™ coffee.

These 3oz taster bags give you just enough coffee to have a taste of pure bliss. Try out other taster bags here.

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