3oz Roast Medley Triplet

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Wicked Wolf® Coffee, Misty Fjords™ Coffee, Resurrection® Blend Coffee Roast Medley Triplet Set
3oz Ground Wicked Wolf® Dark Roast Coffee
3oz Ground Resurrection Blend® Full City Roast Coffee
3oz Ground Raven's Brew® Misty Fjords™ Medium Roast Coffee

Can't choose? Now you don't have to! Mix things up with our new Roast Medley Triplet! Featuring Misty Fjords™ Medium Roast, the universal palate pleaser; Resurrection Blend® Full City Roast, the supreme bean; and Wicked Wolf® Dark Roast, the dessert-lover's cup of choice! The Roast Medley Triplet comes with one Auto Drip Grind, 3oz bag each of Misty Fjords™, Resurrection Blend®, and Wicked Wolf® coffees, packaged in a navy organza gift bag. Variety is the spice of life!

These 3oz taster bags give you just enough coffee to have a taste of pure bliss. Try out other taster bags here. 

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