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Give Up The Roast: Raven’s Brew Coffee Dead Man’s Reach vs. The Birthday Party
Originally posted August, 2015

Some press for Deadman’s Reach from ALT CITIZEN

“I stumbled upon Raven’s Brew during a family trip through Alaska. After seven days on a cruise ship with nothing but swill water coffee to wake my tired eyes, I was desperate for a cup o’ joe that wasn’t spat out of a K-cup. Walking through Ketchikan’s answer to an “alternative,” Portlandia-esque cultural hub, I spotted Raven’s Brew’s open-air coffee hut like a beacon in the night. It was a glorious moment; I’m sure that a choir of angels sang upon my arrival. After chatting with the friendly barista about our Chicago roots and a mutual love for A.F.I., it was time to pick out some souvenirs. Admitting my dislike for citrusy roasts, the barista helped me settle on Dead Man’s Reach, their most famous (so popular that it deserves its own website) and darkest roast...” More from ALT CITIZEN.

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