Join the Coffee Club

Save $15 on your first coffee club order with promo code
FIRSTCLUB24 and get 10% off all recurring club orders.

  • Create a Raven’s Brew® Coffee Club subscription and get your coffee sent out automatically, as much and as often as you like!

  • Our Coffee Club has no fees to join and gives you discounts on our coffees – you choose the cost of your subscription. Subscriptions are completely adjustable – log in at any time to make changes to items, addresses, delivery schedule, and payment information. It's too easy!

step one

Create an Account

Click here to create a new account or select “My Account” from the top right corner of the page. Already got one? Welcome back, just sign in!


Choose Your Coffee

Find your favorite blends and select “Subscribe and Save” to add them to your subscription. Too many choices? No pressure, remember you can make changes at any time.

Step three

Control Your Schedule

Shipments can be set for 1-12 week intervals, with options to pause or expedite deliveries if necessary. Choose your preference from the drop-down menu.

Free shipping
on orders over $50

Flat rate shipping of $7.95 applies on all orders under $50.


Fill the Cart

Check your quantity and delivery schedule on each item, then click “Add to Cart”. When you have everything you want, click “View Cart” to check your order. Any coffee selected for your subscription will have a note that says “Coffee Club Order Will Ship Every [x] Week(s)” to confirm the delivery schedule, along with a discounted price. (If you have other items in your cart, they will not have notes about the Coffee Club.)

Step Five

Choose Your Destination

Proceed to the Checkout and choose a delivery address. If you like, you can set up multiple subscriptions to different addresses using the same account. You can also update the address between shipments, pause deliveries if you are away, or have your subscription follow you anywhere in the USA.


Complete your order and you’re in!


  • Notifications

    You will receive an email order confirmation for each Subscription. You will also receive a reminder email three days prior to each shipment, at which time* you may log into your account to modify your order.

    (*Really, you can modify your Subscription at any time—you don’t need to wait for the notification.) Shipping charges may also change depending on the item weights or destination of your order. You will receive an order notification as your order(s) are processed and a shipment notification with tracking information when the order has shipped.

  • Promo Codes

    Promo codes will not be automatically applied to Coffee Club Subscription orders. If you come across a promotion you would like to take advantage of, feel free to place a separate order with the code.

    If you’d like to delay your club order while you enjoy the coffee you ordered using the promo code, you’re always welcome to do so. Any site-wide discounts on featured items or shipping will be applied automatically to qualifying orders, but will not be reflected on future orders as the standard prices and rates return.

Shipment Schedule

Coffee Club Subscriptions ship Monday-Friday. We are closed to spend time with our families around all of the major holidays. So if your next order is scheduled to ship around a holiday, please be aware it may be slightly delayed to ship on the next business day.

We look forward to sharing coffee with you on a regular basis!

Please don't hesitate to call us if you need assistance: 1(800)917-2836