Can I add merchandise and Limited Edition coffees to my Coffee Club subscription order?

We know you love everything Raven’s Brew®, but do you really need a new T-shirt every week?! Just kidding, you can now add these items to your subscription as a one-time addition! Log into your account and select Manage Subscription.  Within the subscription summary panel, select Add Products. A full menu of all available products will appear. You can also use the search bar to find a specific item. When you choose an item, you'll be given the option to define the quantity, grind and size (for apparel). If the item is available for subscription orders, you'll also be given the choice whether you'd like to Add to this Subscription OR Add to the Next Order Only. Anything added to a subscription (if that's an option) will be given Coffee Club subscription pricing. Anything added as a one-time order will be given regular retail pricing. If you're planning to purchase quite a few things, consider signing up for emails to get access to other promotions and deals!  

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