How much caffeine is in Raven’s Brew® coffees? Do you add any caffeine to any of the coffees?

Caffeine content is always a tricky question to answer definitively, since so many factors can affect the end result in your cup. Some you can control yourself—grind type, brew style, water temperature and roast all contribute to the caffeine level in your cup of coffee. (Oh yeah, and how much water and coffee you use!) Natural variations within the coffee beans themselves are more difficult to control for, although we do know for example that Robusta coffee plants naturally produce more caffeine than Arabica.

We can tell you that our Water Process Decaf blends are 99.9% caffeine free. At the other end of the spectrum our High-Speed blends like Deadman’s Reach®, Three Peckered Billy Goat® and particularly Double Dead® are blended with beans containing higher natural quantities of caffeine. Results from an independent lab confirmed that an “average 12oz cup of coffee” contains somewhere in the range of 130-155mg caffeine. Conventional Deadman’s Reach® coffee and Three Peckered Billy Goat® coffee both can have over 260mg/12oz cup. And Double Dead® coffee tops our chart at up to 325mg/12oz cup.

All caffeine content in any Raven’s Brew Coffee® blend comes from the coffee beans themselves, with nothing added. We’re all-natural baby!

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