What is the difference between grinds? Which one should I choose?

For the freshest cup possible we recommend buying Whole Bean and grinding at home. If you don’t have access to a good quality grinder, Raven’s Brew Coffee® can grind your coffee for you to three different specifications:

Auto-drip: a medium grind for regular and automatic drip coffee machines.

Espresso: a fine grind optimized for espresso machines.

Press Pot/Cold Brew: a coarse grind that works well for French Press, Cold Brew and other slow brewing methods.

When grinding your own coffee there is a lot of nuance between grind settings. A good grinder may have as many as 40 settings, some offer even more. Grind size affects the speed of extraction from the coffee into the water, so a fine grind will extract faster and a coarse grind slower. That’s why we use fine grinds for fast brewing methods like Espresso, and course for slow ones like Cold Brew. However, everyone has their own flavor preferences and equipment so don’t be afraid to experiment with adjusting grinds at home to find the perfect one for you and find the best grind that matches your daily grind!

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