Deadman On Ice

Deadman On Ice

We put on our lab coats, synced our watches and did some super-secret scientific mumbo-jumbo for this project. In our quest for the ULTIMATE coffee to ice, we compared Skookum Blend® vs. Deadman’s Reach® vs. Resurrection Blend® vs. Bruin Blend® vs. Breakfast Blend vs. Three Peckered Billy Goat®. Whew!

Drum roll please… The winner was Deadman’s Reach® but close second was Resurrection Blend®, for a transcendent iced elixir.


6oz of cool strong coffee (Deadman’s Reach®) Ice


1 TBSP Sweetened Condensed Milk


Prepare ahead and keep a gallon or so in the fridge. For a single serving we used about 1 TBSP of sweetened condensed milk and added it to about 6 oz of strong coffee (we used 1 overflowing TBSP of whole bean coffee freshly ground and prepared with a Melitta filter cone) – you may wish to adjust this ratio and brewing methods to your own buds. Cool and add ice. Make your own Deadman's Reach® swizzle sticks: Download the printables here (pdf).