Lake Day Cold Brew

Lake Day Cold Brew

Catch those beach-bum vibes with this iced coffee drink by Hot Shot Coffee Co. in Juneau, Alaska! Macadamia nuts, caramel, and coconut mingle in this icy-sweet treat. We recommend using Wicked Wolf® Coffee for the cold brew in this recipe.


4oz cold brew concentrate
12oz cold water
1 TBSP Macadamia Nut flavored syrup
1 TBSP Caramel flavored syrup
1 TBSP Coconut flavored syrup

For Whipped Cold Foam 
Heavy Whipped Cream
Vanilla Syrup or Simple Syrup


Add ice cubes and coffee syrups (except vanilla) to cup. Pour cold brew and water ice over and mix. 

Make cold foam by mixing heavy whipping cream and vanilla coffee syrup/simple syrup until frothy with a battery or hand-operated whisk, a French press, or even a cocktail shaker!

Top cold brew with cold foam and mix (or take aesthetic pics while it melts 😉).

Photo: Christina @hotshotcoffee

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