5lb Bruin Blend® Coffee

Dark Roast

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5lb Whole Bean Bruin Blend® Full City Roast Coffee
5lb Ground Bruin Blend® Full City Roast Coffee
5lb Press Pot Ground Bruin Blend® Full City Roast Coffee
5lb Espresso Ground Bruin Blend® Full City Roast Coffee

Grin and Bear It
The Coffee is a Bruin

Decadently luxurious. A pool of deep ponderance for your palate.

The Story Behind Bruin Blend® Coffee

At dawn the griz is riz, and she means biz. Ursus Arabica tromps out of the rain forest behind the Raven’s Brew Coffee® roastery at sunrise and knocks down the door for this coffee. Growls Ursus, in her husky, irresistible (do not attempt to resist) voice, “Bruin Blend®: It roars with flavor but it don’t bite.”

Earthy, herbal, warm spice. Heavy, full body and low-mild acidity.


Indonesia & Central/South America

Available in Organic Medium Bag

Dark Roast

Some might even term this an “espresso roast” and many of our favorite coffees for espresso are roasted to this level. These blends are the dark-brown color of chocolate and a shimmer of oil on their surface which can appear in the cup when brewed. The flavors from the beans begin to be eclipsed by those from the roast. However, the beauty of the origins still shine through the symphony of nutty, caramel, and chocolate notes commonly present in these blends.

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