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Dark Roast Coffee

3oz Wicked Wolf® Coffee

3oz Wicked Wolf® Coffee

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About Auto Drip Grind

Medium grind, basic “Ground” beans best for most standard drip coffee brewers and when using an AeroPress™ (for at least 3 min).


Tasting Notes

Dark berry, spice and chocolate toffee with a heavy, full body and medium acidity.

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  • Dark Roast Coffee

    Some might even term this an “espresso roast” and many of our favorite coffees for espresso are roasted to this level. These blends are the dark-brown color of chocolate and a shimmer of oil on their surface which can appear in the cup when brewed. The flavors from the beans begin to be eclipsed by those from the roast. However, the beauty of the origins still shine through the symphony of nutty, caramel, and chocolate notes commonly present in these blends.


    An intense, vibrant, yet balanced brew designed especially to accompany the devouring of chocolate and other sublime desserts.

    Got big eyes, big ears, big teeth?Are you in disguise?No one will notice when you serve this blend of highly select and exotic origins.