5lb Misty Fjords™ Coffee

Medium Roast

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5lb Misty Fjords™ Coffee

Lemon peel and citrus flowers with a light finish.


Central/South America

The Last Legal High

From fine restaurants to exclusive resorts, its intoxicating aroma, sophisticated balance and sweetness is a universal palate pleaser.

The Story Behind Misty Fjords Coffee

Ketchikan, Alaska, the birthplace of Raven's Brew Coffee®, is also the gateway to the spectacular Misty Fjords National Monument. The monument’s dramatic cliffs, snowcapped peaks, icy blue mountain lakes, and deep glacial valleys reaching into the Pacific Ocean inspired the coffee we call Misty Fjords™.

Medium Roast

Medium Roast is the optimal level for many blends where the flavor of the bean is accentuated more than the toastiness of the roast. The coffee flavors are more developed than in a Light Roast, the body is heavier, hints of spiciness start to develop, and flavors and aromas from the roasting process come to the surface.

Misty Fjords is also available in 3oz and 12oz bags. 


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