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Coffee Gift Set

Raven's Full Flight Pack

Raven's Full Flight Pack

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An Unkindness of Coffee?

What do you get when you gather a group of Ravens? An unkindness!

What do you get when you gather all of our packages with wings? Raven's Full Flight Pack of each or our roast levels!

At Raven's Brew, we strive to find the perfect intersection between flavorful bean and roast level for each of our blends. Roasting coaxes a panoply of flavors and aromas from the depth of the bean while layering in toasty, warming notes. We air-roast to ensure that our beans are never scorched—even when taken to the darkest roast levels. Each pack includes one 12oz bag each of Breakfast Blend (Light Roast), Misty Fjords™ (Medium Roast), Resurrection Blend® (Full City Roast), House Blend (Dark Roast), and Ebony Pearls™ (French Roast) coffees.

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