Coffee is the most complex substance ingested by human beings. There are hundreds of compounds in this fathomless elixir; all are necessary to the full-flavor experience. The only caveat is, In The Right Balance. An essential factor in producing this balance is The Right Grind. A proper, uniform grind is as important as the coffee quality itself.

Life's a Grind

Explore our grinds, find your true self.

  • Fine Grind

    You're a dreamer and a fan of the finer things in life. Experimentation is your jam.

    EQUIPMENT: Manual or Automatic
    Espresso Machines, Moka pot/stovetop brewers, AeroPress (1 min brew time)

    ORDER: Espresso Grind

  • Medium Grind

    You're practical and down to earth. You thrive stability and comfort, but also find joy in new experiences.

    EQUIPMENT: Drip, Siphon, Pour
    Over, AeroPress (3 min+ brew time)

    ORDER: Auto Drip Grind

  • Coarse Grind

    Vast open landscapes and adventure call to you to go
    wherever life takes you.

    EQUIPMENT: French Press, Cold Brew, Percolator, Coffee cupping, Cowboy Coffee

    ORDER: Press Pot/Cold Brew

  • Whole Bean

    You’re a
    perfectionist and prefer to do things your own way. If anyone is in control of the vessel, it's you. Aye, aye Captain.

    EQUIPMENT: Any coffee brewing method - the world is your oyster!

    ORDER: Whole Bean

Espresso Grind


Fine grind best for most espresso machines, moka pots and when using an AeroPress™ (for up to 1 min).

Fine grind is also used in Turkish coffee, a brew method using a small specialty pot called a cezve or ibrik, with roots dating back to the 16th century.



Medium grind, basic “Ground” beans best for most standard drip coffee brewers and when using an AeroPress™ (for at least 3 min).

Medium grind is the most common coffee grind available and is also the most versatile, aside from whole bean.

Press Pot / cold brew


Coarse grind best for brewing methods that have a longer extraction period: French Press, Percolator, and Pour-over, to name a few.  

Ever heard of cowboy coffee? This is the go-to grind for that rustic cup. Yee-haw!

grind it yourself


For those who fancy freshly ground beans or have a particular grind preference!

Your coffee will stay fresh longer and give you the flexibility to try out may different brewing methods.