Organic and Naturally Processed Coffees

At Raven’s Brew Coffee®, we are dedicated to coffee quality, sustainability and culture. We use shade-grown, organic and naturally-processed coffee beans in most of our blends, and support small family growers through our buying practices. We participate in renewable energy and environmental conservation programs as an act of love for this small blue planet.

  • Organic Coffees

    Organic coffees have been farmed and processed without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or other synthetic chemicals. Our roasteries are certified by the Washington Department of Agriculture. Enlighten your senses! Our line of Certified Organic Coffees is comprised of eight unique proprietary blends. Try our Organic Coffees here.

    Shade-Grown Coffees

    Our green coffee buying philosophy results in most of our coffees being shade grown and bird friendly. Shade-grown coffee produces superior flavor compared to full-sun coffee and provides food and shelter for songbirds, as well as habitat for other species of animals and plants. Shade trees reduce erosion through their extensive root systems and their fallen leaves contribute nutrients to the soil, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. All coffee grown in India is shade-grown.

  • Naturally-Processed Coffees

    Typically, the green coffee bean is, immediately upon harvest, extracted from the delicious red fruit in which it develops. This process is called “washing” the coffee. Traditional washing methods use about 5 gallons of water to wash about 1 pound of coffee beans. The contaminated water must be processed (which uses more energy) before releasing it into the environment. The “Natural” method of processing allows the beans to remain in the fruit and dry naturally in the sun, saving both water and energy. In addition, the beans become imbued with the sweetness and perfume of the luscious fruit, producing a coffee with unparalleled body and exotic aromas. Good for the planet and your tastebuds!

We use naturally processed coffees in many of our blends: Bruin Blend® coffee, Deadman's Reach® coffee, Resurrection Blend® coffee, Three Peckered Billy Goat® coffee, Skookum® Blend coffee, Raven’s Brew House Blend coffee, and Wicked Wolf® coffee. You can try our Blends hereour Organic Coffees here, and our DeCafs here.

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