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Your Stories

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  • Raven's Brew at Sea

    "I went to work for Princess Cruises 5 yrs. ago. Had my first cup at one of the shops in town and I was hooked! It was quad shot lattes with skim and no whip for me..." 

    -Debra J.

  • Comics and Coffee!

    "My story isn't romantic with the sites, sounds, & beauty of Alaska; although one day I hope to visit, mine is more "comical.” My late husband and son were seriously into comic book & graphic novel collecting (something they could do together that was all theirs). My husband Roy was a huge coffee lover (& quite frankly a coffee snob..."

    -Lisa N.

  • Dark Roasts = Life Changers

    "I was supposed to go on an Alaskan cruise with my girlfriend and her family, but I couldn't make it.  Whenever I go somewhere, I simply must try the local coffee, and my girlfriend brought me back a bag of Raven's Brew Ebony Pearls..." 

    -Erik L.

  • Cruisin' for a BREWsin'

    "Came off the cruise ship in Ketchikan looking for a GOOD cup of coffee on a cold and cloudy morning. Saw the RAVENS AND SKULLS on the bag and about lost my mind..." 

    -Marianna R. 

  • Forever Sippin' Raven's Brew

    "I love great coffee. I started drinking coffee as a child of 9. The old woman who lived next to us growing up, fed it to me so that I might torment my parents properly. It worked beautifully and our bond was cemented. Years later I joined the Marines and used it to push through the 19hr days in the field as an infantryman. I am now in my forties and it is just as much a part of my life as breathing is..."


  • Deep in Raven's Brew Love

    Deep in Raven's Brew Love 


    "We first found Ravens Brew while working a summer job in Denali State Park. The employee dining/kitchen offered a rather horrible option for coffee (burnt and watery...). So we sought out the nearest grocery store and went looking for a local (to Alaska at least) coffee company that offered whole beans... Low and behold, Ravens Brew showed itself to us and..." 

    -Jacs and Ethan

  • Resurrection Heals All Wounds

    “I was Skiing in Yellow Stone Club in Montana and went to Roxies Market. looking for some good local beans and lo and behold I saw Resurrection calling to me..." 


    - Catherine W.

  • For the Love of Deadman


    "At the time, I was living in east Tennessee… Due to the nature of my work, and the tools necessary, I have to drive to each of my customer's locations. Coffee was not only a necessity, but I have become a bit of a 'Coffee Snob.’ I tried coffee shops outside of the chains..." 

    -Dan H.
    Tennessee, California, Nevada

  • Raven's Brew Joy!

    "We’ve been huge fans of Raven’s Brew for many years…ever since we first came across it at Many Hands Trading in Corvallis. So, when we cruised through Ketchikan..."

    -Joan Rose of Corvallis, Oregon and Stella Rose-Wyatt of Hempstead, NY



  • The Deadman's Reach

    "On the coffee shelf I saw the Ravens Brew coffee… the designs literally spoke to me. I've never seen a coffee have this aesthetic before..."

    -Zach M. 


  • Grinning Grizzlies

    "I am a truck driver here in Washington and I had stopped for a break at the ‘red mountain coffee’ shop at the summit of Snoqualmie pass and got a cup of what was brewing and saw the ‘Grin and Bear It’ T-shirt they had on display. My kid’s school mascot is the Bruin so I just had to have it...

    —N. Matthews, Everett, Washington

  • It's All In The Name

    “Like many new products I buy, it was the label of Dead Man's Reach that caught my eye, sitting right there next to 3-Peckered Billy Goat. I mean, really, if a someone is bold enough to market a product with names like that I figure it has to be pretty special or pretty awful. I am fairly picky about my coffee...

    —H. Dixon, Pullman, Washington

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