Forever Sippin' Raven's Brew

Forever Sippin' Raven's Brew

I love great coffee. I started drinking coffee as a child of 9. The old woman who lived next to us growing up, fed it to me so that I might torment my parents properly. It worked beautifully and our bond was cemented. Years later I joined the Marines and used it to push through the 19hr days in the field as an infantryman. I am now in my forties and it is just as much a part of my life as breathing is. 

I have had many kinds, as I was stationed in Hawaii and coffee is a huge part of the islands. I tried many roasts, and beans in my years and Raven’s Brew is one of my favorite places to buy from. I am never let down by your dedication to greatness in creating consistently beautiful coffee… Many thanks from the bottom of my cup.

Semper Fi,


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