To do good work one must eat well, be well housed, have one's fling from time to time, smoke one's pipe, and drink one's coffee in peace. ~Vincent Van Gogh

The very long, wet, winters in North America’s rainiest realm of human inhabitation (Ketchikan, AK) can be oppressive. To fight the gray the body needs coffee (preferably a blend from Raven’s Brew Coffee®) and the spirit needs art. Is it the consumption of Raven’s Brew® coffees that inspire the creative achievements of our motley band of artistic souls who have rendered our blends’ visual representations? We like to think so!

Ray Troll

From his tree-top studio, high above the Tongass Narrows in Ketchikan, Alaska, Ray Troll draws and paints fish filled images that migrate into museums and onto t-shirts sold 'round the globe. A “dead”-icated Raven’s Brew Coffee addict, Ray downs a full pot each day to help create his intricate compositions. Ray created the logos, primary label art and much of the clipart for Raven's Brew Coffee, Deadman's Reach®, Bruin Blend®, Three Peckered Billy Goat®, Resurrection Blend®, Skookum® Blend and Wicked Wolf®. Find out more about what Ray's up to at his website.

Terry Piles

Better known for his realistic paintings of wildlife than his occasionally ribald sense of humor, Alaskan wildlife/aviation/marine/renaissance/multimedia artist, Terry Pyles created the Kopi Luwak design specially for Raven’s Brew Coffee®. He's also a big fan of our coffees. See and purchase Terry's amazing works of art from his website.


Karen Lybrand, Alaskan ex-pat currently living in Maine, created the unique image for our Alaska Moka Bar and together with Ray Troll created our original Santa Caws™ label art. She is also the font-trix for most of the lettering in our labels, as well as having created the Deadman's Reach map and compass rose. Click here to see more of Karen's work.

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