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Light Roast Coffee

12oz Breakfast Blend Coffee

12oz Breakfast Blend Coffee

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Which Grind Should I Choose?

For those who fancy freshly ground beans or have a particular grind preference!

Medium grind, basic “Ground” beans best for most standard drip coffee brewers and when using an AeroPress™ (for at least 3 min).

Fine grind best for most espresso machines, moka pots and when using an AeroPress™ (for up to 1 min).

Coarse grind best for brewing methods that have a longer extraction period: French Press, percolator, pour-over.

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Tasting Notes

Toffee and citrus brightness with a light, silky body and crisp acidity.

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Long ago, far away, in a seascape of countless islands shrouded in mist and robed in dense forests, Raven's Brew Coffee®came into being.

  • Light Roast Coffee

    Light body of toffee and citrus. This blend is particularly brisk and wakeful with a slight, refreshing acidity.

  • Nothing excites the senses more than a proper cup of coffee and that coffee is Raven's Brew®. Its perfect balance engenders social harmony. Its freshness and purity matches intense beauty of natural settings. Its heat a satisfying antidote to rain-drenched conditions, and it accentuated perfectly the sunny days.

    No wonder that it was Raven who brought the gift of the ultimate elixir. It had been Raven who, in eons past, brought the gift of the sun to light the sky for the first peoples of that land. Now he brought the brew that lit the soul, and it was so welcomed that it soon spread all over Alaska and throughout the continent and even across the seas...

    Enough of God’s Black Ichor
    The heart may hoist a sail
    Synapse become epiphany,
    Consciousness transcendent.

    - Raven’s Maven


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