Raven’s Brew’s proprietary blends are Unique in the coffee world, as well as quite Distinct one from the other.

We design these coffees for different occasions, different times of day, even different levels of caffeine content. They are Designed, above all, to pander to the personality of the palate. There is simply, and properly, no accounting for taste, and we strive to present a panoply of offerings so that any individual can find the blend to synchronize with his or her tastes and ideas of how a coffee should Impress The Senses.

Vive la difference! Explore them all; Find Yourself.

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From its origins, coffee growing has spread around the globe, settling into areas with the right combinations of weather, altitude, and soil quality. Dozens of varieties have been cultivated and a number of processing methods developed.

These variables give rise to the wonderful diversity of taste profiles we as roasters must rediscover every crop season. Therein lies the challenge and art of blending coffees. To begin to understand the complexity of blending, we must understand the larger picture of roasting and what makes Raven’s Brew coffees stand out amongst the multitude of roasters in the world.


Every coffee-growing region has certain characteristics that make it stand out from the others. Central American coffees are brighter and lighter-bodied than Indonesian coffees with their earthy, spicy flavors.

At Raven’s Brew Coffee, we seek to create unique taste profiles for each of our labels that remain more consistent from year to year than most single origin coffees alone.

We seek cups that highlight the classic characteristics of the major coffee-growing regions of the world while delivering more overall balance, complexity, and sweetness. Every blend should be a complete coffee experience.

Where most single-origin coffees are suited primarily for drip or filter brewing, Raven’s Brew blends are suitable for most any brewing method you may choose.


Raven’s Brew Coffee®has worked for years developing relationships with importers all around the United States. Each importing company brings in coffees from all over the world, and offers up what they have determined to be worthy of roasting.

From these dozens of importers and hundreds of green coffees, we must sample, scrutinize, and select the coffees that most appeal to our unique taste preferences.

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Most coffee businesses depend on being able to deliver the same product consistently.

The challenge in this is that as a roaster, we must also embrace the cyclical nature of coffee harvests. It is, after all, an agricultural product, and beans from the same farm will be different year after year. This is where the skill, experience, and dedication of the Raven’s Brew team really shine. We are constantly roasting, brewing, tasting, tinkering, and refining everything we do to maintain a high level of consistency in all of our products. The Art of Blending is dynamic. It is constantly evolving and we along with it. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to coffee and invite you to experience the pantheon of bliss contained within our blends.


Once these remarkable green coffees have made it to our roasting facility, the challenges continue. From the many varieties of roasting equipment available within the industry, we have selected air roasting as our preferred method. Air roasting draws in vast amounts of hot air from underneath the coffee. The hot air surrounds each bean evenly, yielding an even transfer of thermal energy, reducing the risk of scorching the delicate green beans. Once the air has passed over the coffee it exits the roaster, never to return. This means that all the dust, chaff, and smoke being released from the beans is instantly removed, creating a noticeably cleaner, less bitter and more vibrant taste in the cup. All of our coffees are roasted to achieve this clean and vibrant flavor profile.  

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