10oz Limited Edition: Autumnal Equinox™ Coffee

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10oz Limited Edition: Autumnal Equinox™ Coffee
Autumnal Equinox™ Coffee Tasting Note Postcard
10oz Autumnal Equinox™ Coffee

Cranberry notes balance well with hints of sweet caramel. Creamy body relaxes into a clean finish.



Settle into the season!

Grab a bag and receive a complimentary tasting notes card.

The Autumnal Equinox™ Coffee  Story

Ease into the fall season with our Autumnal Equinox™ Coffee, cultivated under a canopy of guano, carbonero, and other native shade trees on Dario Delgado’s family-owned estate, La Cabaña. Located near the village of San Pedro, Colombia, within “the coffee belt” of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, it is renowned for rich biodiversity and an advanced migratory bird-monitoring station. Coffee plants on the estate are naturally fertilized with compost originating from coffee pulp and manure. Rich in flavor, this coffee has a depth and vibrancy that welcomes the seasonal shift.

Medium Roast

Medium Roast is the optimal level for many blends where the flavor of the bean is accentuated more than the toastiness of the roast. The coffee flavors are more developed than in a Light Roast, the body is heavier, hints of spiciness start to develop, and flavors and aromas from the roasting process come to the surface.

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