10oz Limited Edition: Mwaramutse Coffee

Medium Roast

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Limited Release Mwaramutse Coffee
10oz Limited Release Mwaramutse Coffee
10oz Limited Edition: Mwaramutse Coffee

Apple, cherry, berry, citrus and kiwi flavors with a lively, tart citrus acidity and a heavy, syrupy body.



Fair Trade coffee from Rwanda,  Kopakama - Ejo Heza.

Grab a bag and receive a complimentary tasting notes card.

The Mwaramutse Coffee Story

Mwaramutse means “Good Morning” in Kinyarwanda, the native language of Rwanda. From the Rutsiro District in the Western Province of Rwanda, the Kopakama cooperative is known for their high-scoring beans. In 2010, they established a women’s producer group named Ejo Heza (“a beautiful tomorrow”), aiming to create more opportunities for women coffee growers of Rwanda.

Last Offered: May 2018

Medium Roast

Medium Roast is the optimal level for many blends where the flavor of the bean is accentuated more than the toastiness of the roast. The coffee flavors are more developed than in a Light Roast, the body is heavier, hints of spiciness start to develop, and flavors and aromas from the roasting process come to the surface.

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