10oz Limited Edition: Vernal Equinox™ Coffee

Limited Release

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Limited Release Vernal Equinox™ Coffee
Limited Release Vernal Equinox™ Coffee Tasting Note and Postcard
10oz Limited Edition: Vernal Equinox™ Coffee

Burst into the light again with notes of cherry, browning sugar, and chocolate in a full body with lively acidity and a pleasant finish.


Central America

Put a spring in your step with our vibrant Vernal Equinox™ coffee.

Grab a bag and receive a complimentary tasting notes card.

The Vernal Equinox™ Coffee Story 

We were drawn to the seasonal serendipity that comes from people who call their country “Land of the Eternal Spring”. Guatemala's crisscrossing mountain ranges, diverse geography and dependable rains at the higher elevations produce a harder (more dense) bean, and this coffee is well-known for its Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) quality.

Next release: March, 2023!

Medium Roast

Medium Roast is the optimal level for many blends where the flavor of the bean is accentuated more than the toastiness of the roast. The coffee flavors are more developed than in a Light Roast, the body is heavier, hints of spiciness start to develop, and flavors and aromas from the roasting process come to the surface.

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