10oz Limited Edition: Winter Solstice Coffee

Limited Release

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Limited Release Winter Solstice Tasting Note and Postcard
Limited Release Winter Solstice Tasting Note and Postcard
10oz Limited Release Winter Solstice Coffee

Peppery, earthy aromas draw you into rich chocolate and spice flavors. A creamy, smooth mouthfeel pairs with a dry aftertaste. Mild acidity and robust body.



Find earthen heat to warm the depths of cold, fleeting days...

Grab a bag and receive a complimentary tasting notes card.

The Winter Solstice Coffee  Story

Savoring a toasty mug of our Winter Solstice Coffee is the perfect way to raise your spirits during the winter chill. This East Javan crop was grown by members of the Kayumas Co-operative and processed in the intricate, traditional Indonesian fashion of wet-hulling, producing the unique characteristics for which the region is celebrated. The beans are partially fermented, washed, and part-dried at the processing station, before being shipped to the exporter where they are dried again and then milled. Javan coffee is known for its fantastic full-body and mouthfeel, ideal to savor in the cold weather.

Next release: December, 2022!

Full City Roast

Perched just before a Dark Roast is the Full City Roast. The coffee appears dark, the oils are just starting to emerge from the beans, sugars are more developed, and the flavors from the roasting process are more fully present. These blends bring together the flavors of the bean and the browning tastes from roasting.

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